A little update as to what I've been up to recently....

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Good morning, and a happy Saturday to one and all. I've been a bit quiet with the blog recently so thought it's high time I updated you all with what's been going on recently.

It's been such a busy time recently, not just photography wise but generally too and I've hardly had any chance to sit and write a new blog.

So firstly, it's been a busy time since I put my "2 shoots for £40" offer on here and various Facebook pages.

My first booking was with Lee and Anthony who wanted some shots with their nephew Ethan. This shoot was taken in their home and I took my portable studio set up along.

_DSC9671_DSC9671Lowry Theatre Time to occupy Ethan with some toys, and bring some more colour into the shots taken against the white background.

_DSC9685_DSC9685Lowry Theatre After the usual family posed shots, I took the backdrop down and the lights away and decided on a more natural shoot with Ethan playing with his toys in the front room. There was also a nice large front window with light streaming through it, so it was natural light all the way for the rest of the shot....I do prefer working with natural light.

_DSC9915-4_DSC9915-4Lowry Theatre

_DSC9922_DSC9922Lowry Theatre All 3 were fantastic to work with and Ethan especially was a delightful little boy with the most amazing blue eyes. I'm just waiting now for a combination of a sunny Saturday morning, and a free one when I'm not already booked to shoot their outdoor shots.



I've just recently moved into the world of newborn baby shoots. There's been a bit of a baby boom recently amongst my friends so a good opportunity to get them to my mini studio set up and get some newborn shots added to my portfolio.

Firstly Lisa, her partner Helen and their gorgeous little girl Thea.

This has been a steep learning curve for me, but was very pleased on how the shots have come out. 

_DSC9976_DSC9976Lowry Theatre

_DSC0038-2_DSC0038-2Newborn Photography

_DSC0016_DSC0016Newborn Photography

_DSC0063-2_DSC0063-2Newborn Photography

Then the following day it was Shaun, his fiancé Toni and their little boy Corban. Corban arrived asleep, ideal for posed shots, but with his being a light sleeper he soon woke up and his eyes were everywhere.

Still it was another fantastic shoot and again really happy with how the shots came out.

_DSC0102_DSC0102Lowry Theatre

_DSC0127-2_DSC0127-2Lowry Theatre

_DSC0141_DSC0141Lowry Theatre

_DSC0150_DSC0150Lowry Theatre

_DSC0163-2_DSC0163-2Lowry Theatre

Really enjoyed both these shoots and have a few more booked off the back of these shots, and looking forward to adding more to my portfolio.



Another reason why I love photography is that I always have friends who are either keen to take it up as a hobby, or already take pictures but are keen to improve and just get out whenever possible to shoot some pictures. This week I went out into Manchester with my mate Yorkie, and normally we do some street photography. This time though we went out with a pre-requisite of what shots we wanted to take. 

The first I wanted to shoot was the new Co-op building in the centre of Manchester, some say this is like a mini version of the gherkin in London.

coop building (1 of 1)coop building (1 of 1)Lowry Theatre Ideally I wanted more drama with the clouds in this shot. I used a ND filter to create slow cloud movement, but as it was a typical grey day in Manchester, I didn't get the movement I was after. Also removed a couple of posts in the front of the building in photoshop.

Then we moved to Victoria train station as we wanted to capture trams in miniature form. I do love experimenting with this form of photography and certainly Manchester lends itself to it very well.

_DSC0313_DSC0313Lowry Theatre Finally onto Piccadilly tram stop and some motion blur capture, and pretty pleased with how this one turned out.

_DSC0344_DSC0344Lowry Theatre

So it's been a busy few weeks and it looks to be getting busier too, not just photography wise too. Taken up golf last year and now have quite a few society matches coming along soon, so have invested in a few lessons, I'm also training to run the Manchester 10k run, raising money for Pancreatic Cancer Research, and you can visit my Just Giving page to read my story and make a donation if you so wish https://www.justgiving.com/Simon-Norton5



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