Kids 'n' bubbles

February 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Experimenting with bubbles in the studio.

One of the benefits of having a gorgeous, photogenic 2 year old daughter is that she is always ready to assist daddy with practising photo techniques in the studio.

Last Saturday morning, myself and Kaylee spent half an hour playing with bubbles, black background, one studio strobe through a softbox and a speed light behind the model to create a ring light to separate her from the background.

First thing was to get Kaylee in place, set up the camera on a tripod with remote release, get the exposure correct on the studio strobe and the speed light behind the model and then get to work.

Here is the lighting diagram for this set up....



When using studio strobes and speed lights, I always use the fastest shutter speed possible, for my D7000 and yongnuo speed lights it's 1/250th sec.

For this shoot I used my 50mm prime lens, and aperture of f/5.6 and ISO 100. 

After a few test shots and teaching Kay how to sit still and not wanting to inspect every shot, I sat down just to the left of the model and using the remote shutter release started to blow bubbles towards Kaylee and encouraging her to catch them.

_DSC5228_DSC5228Lowry Theatre I was exceptionally pleased the results and will be adding the kids 'n' bubbles shoot to my kids portrait offers.

_DSC5239_DSC5239Lowry Theatre


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