Street Photography Day

February 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A bit of street photography.


Not done this for a long while, and a work colleague wanted to go out into Manchester to do a bit of street photography, so though it was about time I went out and about and see what I could capture.

As usual it was a typical grey, miserable day in Manchester, with very little detail in the skies, so looking for inspiration at times I found difficult.

We started off in Albert Square, where chinese new year celebrations were in full show... _DSC5043_DSC5043Manchester Street Photography ....this processed in Lightroom and using selective colouring to bring out the red lanterns against the back drop of Manchester Town Hall.


Then a wander up Moseley Street for some long exposure photography, using the trams. Took a few attempts to get this shot, due to people walking past, but it's expected as Moseley Street is a busy little place full of office blocks.

_DSC5052_DSC5052Manchester Street Photography

There seem to be more and more rough sleepers in Manchester city centre these days, and whilst wandering round to Market Street, I didn't expect one to be placing his bank card into the hole in the wall.

_DSC5062_DSC5062Lowry Theatre

Round to High Street, and a great place to practise panning techniques, in between trams. This shot again processed in Lightroom.

_DSC5076_DSC5076Manchester Street Photography

Over to Deansgate Castlefield tram stop and capturing a dramatic shot of the bridge leading from the tram platform to Deansgate Rail Station. As is the norm with Manchester, lots of building and construction work going on, so I decided to edit out the cranes in this shot, and also using a few processed in Lightroom, managed to bring out some detail in the sky to create a dramatic look to the picture.

_DSC5112_DSC5112Manchester Street Photography

Whenever I get out and about in town, I always love to shoot a miniature style picture. This miniature tram 'n' traffic shot, taken from the bridge from Piccadilly rail station, across London Road.

_DSC5102_DSC5102Lowry Theatre

Whilst to some the trams are a bit of a nuisance in Manchester, to me, as a photographer, they are a great source for a shot. This picture below taken at St Peter's Square and was a shot for my weekly #52project, with this week's theme of capturedmotion.

_DSC5210_DSC5210Lowry Theatre

Finally, and what most photographers who do street photography like to shoot....people. 

_DSC5172_DSC5172Lowry Theatre

_DSC5177_DSC5177Lowry Theatre

_DSC5181_DSC5181Lowry Theatre

_DSC5184_DSC5184Lowry Theatre

Although by the end of the day my feet were killing me, and at times lacking in inspiration for a shot, I'm quite happy with those I've picked out and certainly will be taking to the streets of Manchester, and other areas, more to hone my street photography skills further,



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